2019: Individual Academic Detailing Sessions Available to Prescribers of Opioids

2019 Opioid Academic Detailing Sessions

Academic Detailing is peer-to-peer educational outreach which is designed to improve prescribing practices.  It is useful for improving quality of care and identifying priorities for change.

Prescribers of opioids (physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants) and Medical Directors  may request a 1-hour Academic Detailing session at their practice location.  This direct learning session can be scheduled for any time of day, and sessions can be scheduled on the same day for multiple providers in the same or nearby practices.  The session is provided free of charge.

MICIS is scheduling individual 1-hour Academic Detailing sessions on the following topics:

  • Treating Complex Patients with Chronic Pain Who Are Prescribed Opioids
  • Overview of Office-Based Buprenorphine Prescribing


Click here to go to the Education Topics page for details about these academic detailing sessions (description is at the bottom of the page).

Click here to request an individual Academic Detailing session at your medical practice or hospital.